Non-performing twitter tips that should be avoided

Social media has played a significant role in marketing. It is widely used in different platforms to achieve quick results. However, you should be very careful when utilizing the social media. Even as you continue learning to use it, you should avoid soaking up everything that is offered by it. This will help you in distinguishing between fluff and fat. The following are some of the non-performing twitter tips that should be avoided.

Following people with the aim of getting their reciprocity


When you follow people out of sheer respect or courtesy, they will end up following you. This can help you in increasing your connections. Such followers might become be interested in becoming your customers or leads or even engaging with you. They might also be interested in your links. However, you might end up with no followers once they realize that you had tricked them into following you. Focusing on your growth can help you instead of just playing games.

Buying followers

Your business will not yield any results if you decide to buy followers. This will never increase the real numbers such as customers, traffic, and leads. You are to focus on making a positive impact on your marketing strategy and content instead of faking it.

Enabling mass messages

Some people consider to mass messages as an effective way of engaging conversations with individuals. However, this strategy might not always work due to lack of personalization. You should always stay away from this practice.

Posting on your landing pages and offers on Twitter

Posting your offers, blogs on Twitter can make you more popular, but this does not mean that you should only restrict yourself on those. Instead, you should create a robust posting strategy by posting your relevant articles, news reads, and blogs on the Twitter platform. Striking a balance between the two will help you in making your presence stronger.

Hash tagging all your tweets


Some people are known for crowding their posts with hashtags with the aim of grabbing eyeballs. This might not work. Your tweets should be kept simple with at most two hashtags, tweets having one or two tags grab more engagement than the ones having overloaded hashtags.

Strictly following your audience

Knowing what times and which days the audience is online can work best for your tweets. However, you should avoid sticking it as this might fail to work at times especially when you are in different time zones. You should know the best time for making your tweets. This will help you in yielding to more leads and traffic and your business.