Different Data Desires, Same Basic Complaints
By Eric Lin, Fri Nov 14 01:00:00 GMT 2003

A new study from AT Kearney shows the difference in mobile data concerns from around the globe. Europe, Asia and North America each have different priorities and different concerns when it comes to accessing the internet from their mobile phones.

Americans are primarily concerned with the complexity or ease of use. They had negative experiences, either on their desktops or on earlier mobiles, and they donít want to struggle anymore. At first it appears odd that the next biggest concerns for Americans were privacy and security, but these are typically at the top of Americans' worries about the wired internet as well. Concerns about the wireless internet in North America clearly follow those of the wired one.

Probably because Europeans and Asians have more experience with mobile data, their primary concerns are quite different from Americans. Europeans care most about access costs and technology. Flat fee data pricing is a rarity in Europe, unlike the US, justifying concerns over cost, especially since flat rate broadband is now available there. In Asia, where mobile data services are not a luxury but a way of life, text entry, content and data speeds are most important to respondents.

Even though each continent has different data needs, they each have the same basic desire to improve handsets. Everyone wants longer battery life, better sound quality, better screens and nicer keypads. No matter how many surveys are given, no matter what features they focus on, the results are always the same: people feel the basic phone features aren't good enough yet.