US Subs Losing Interest in Picture Messaging
By Eric Lin, Mon May 03 20:30:00 GMT 2004

As part of a wireless services survey, the Zelos Group has discovered that interest in picture messaging and moblogging is down 5-8% from last year.

A year ago cameraphones were still pretty new and many subscribers were excited, or at least interested by the prospect of a camera and mobile phone in one. Thanks to buzz from early sites like Hiptop Nation and Text America, interest in moblogging last year was around 20%, while about 18% of those surveyed were interested in picture messaging. In this year's survey interest in MMS dropped to 13% and moblogging is down to 12%.

Mobile Pipeline quotes one of the analyst responsible for the report, Seamus McAteer. "The fall-off in interest in photo messaging occurred over a period when the installed base of cameraphones grew substantially, which may indicate that the actual experience with use of these services was less positive compared to how they were promoted."

Without interoperability agreements, users can't reliably send pictures to their friends and family, who are often on other networks. Many also balk at the pricing structure on some networks. Although the price of picture messages seems to be dropping, they hold no value at all if they don't reach their destination- many don't. Combine the difficulty of setting up moblogs with the difficulties of picture messaging, and it's no wonder interest in moblogging experienced an even greater drop.

The Zelos Group study also looks at other trends such as a surging interest in email access and the mainstream acceptance of text messaging.