Rehab Clinic To The Stars Now Treating SMS Addiction
By Carlo Longino, Mon Oct 06 17:30:00 GMT 2003

England's Priory clinic, famous for treating celebrities for troubles with drinking, drugs, and depression, is seeing a rise in people who can't stop texting.

The clinic sees the rise in SMS addiction as part of a bigger rise of behavioural addictions -- including sex, shopping, gambling, and so on -- in the country.

SMS addicts, in addition to often showing mental and emotional symptoms common in other addictions, also tend to suffer from sleep deprivation, eye strain, and "increased agitation," while one patient also had repetitive stress injuries from long hours tapping out messages.

While there's no doubt that new technologies like chat rooms or online gambling can be addictive, I've got a hard time believing that SMS addiction is going to turn into the next plague on society. It sounds an awful lot like the warnings shrinks sounded when the Nintendo came out when I was a kid, and"Nintendo thumb"...