Scream Update
By Justin Ried, Wed Nov 19 14:15:00 GMT 2003

Scream - TheFeature's premium mobile service - has been enhanced. Now you can receive messages via HTML email, and our MMS coverage has been improved.

This week our site had a platform update, which tied up a few loose ends on the front page as well as our mobile services. Subscribers who receive Scream via email can change the format to HTML in their preferences (User-->Subscriptions-->My Subscriptions). Subscribers using Vodafone networks now have a pretty good shot at being able to receive Scream in MMS format (GPRS/MMS roaming is still a mess for just about everybody in the industry).

For those who haven't tried Scream yet, there's a free two-week trial period available. Just login to TheFeature, click on the Mobile tab at the top and follow the instructions.