Site Update: Free Moblogs and More
By Justin Ried, Thu Apr 22 10:30:00 GMT 2004

TheFeature is updated with enhanced site navigation and new features for the mobile community.

Our journals have been extremely popular with the community since their introduction last summer. Entries came fast & furious, and it wasn't always easy to keep up because - once they were pushed off the front page - they were virtually impossible to find. But no more!

We've created a section that lists all journal entries in chronological order - which readers can browse as far back as they like. In addition, members with positive karma or better can now upload pictures to their journals - via the regular HTML site or via our new XHTML site, which is optimized for mobile browsers. Photo blogging and moblogging has arrived! Also, XHTML push is now available to Scream subscribers, so folks around the globe can finally read Scream in its original format.

Our topics page has also been refined. Previously holding 46 different topics, the number has been reduced to a concise 22. Our search engine has also been reworked to provide more accurate and reliable results, so finding what you're looking for should be easier than ever.

Subscribing to our weekly newsletter is a snap for non-members - a simple form for subscribing can now be found in the right-hand column. Also new is an article-rating meter that allows readers to give quick feedback on any new piece.

We look forward to hearing what you think!