Top 5 Mobile Service Competition Entries
By Editorial Staff, Fri Aug 23 00:00:00 GMT 2002

Readers submitted their descriptions of cool mobile services they coudn't live without. Read the submissions and cast a vote for your favorite entry - and expose yourself!

Good morning Editor,

There are two mobile services that I use frequently. One is a service that I was envolved creating and the other satisfy my "need to know the football score."

Sigurpall Johannsson
Trackwell Software

Entry 2 - WAP Your Way

Hi TheFeature Editors,

The most valuable mobile service for me is my new mail service from nickE

Entry 3 - Mobile Mail


My favourite mobile app is Thom Lanigan

Entry 4 - The Metro Minder

Dear Editors,

The personal Mobile Service which I have incorporated into my day-to-day life is the use of accessing real time info on the Metro System in Arlington County, Varginia/Washington DC. I see the timetables and the Real Time information that tells me exactly, when my Bus (38B) is going to arrive.

Earlier I use to depend on the Printed schedules but as we all know that due to heavy traffic in office rush hours the bus can be here and there by 5-10 min. And at that hour 5-10 min of mine are very valuable and I am sure this is the same case with rest of us also. But by using the Mobile service on my Nokia (8390) while walking and seeing the Real time info for my Bus with it’s real-time Location and the accurate time it shall reach my stop has really helped me. Now when I am about to leave my office I check the real time status and if I have time I usually go and grab something to eat, which was not possible earlier.

This service has been a real help and I cannot think now about a day in my life without it. In fact, this service is my now part of ME. You can term it as it is ME.

This is the Link for you to see and enjoy: Pinakin Dinesh

Entry 5 - SMS Directory Alerts

Dear Editors,

I'm lazy. I admit it. Either that or I’m taking the legend of the 'Canny Scot' a tad too far.

An old saying maintains that it's the little things in life that make all the difference. Like chunks of chocolate in chocolate ice cream, it all adds up to make for a less tense day.

This brings me to the subject of ballpoint pens, which like the No. 32 bus, puncture repair kits and rich widows, are never around when you need one. Take, for instance, one rainy mid-summer afternoon (this *is* the UK after all). Ensconced within one of central London's more attractive phone boxes, I'm having a chat with Directory Enquiries. Very helpful people, they find the number I need and I get a nice voice telling me so.

Witness if you will the frantic scrabbling for a pen - gone AWOL of course.

Hear also the grinding sounds emanating from my head as I opt for memory - that went some time ago.

Later, once I have finished doing a commendable imitation of Vesuvius, I decide to try again. This time, there's no phone box to be found, so I sigh and fish out my mobile phone. 192 is quickly followed by redoubled efforts at memory.

I almost manage it this time. Really.

Imagine my not inconsiderable joy when a short time later I receive an SMS with the number I asked for contained within! I am transformed. I want to rush back and brandish my phone at the errant phone box while sticking my tongue out at it, but I settle for a happy smile and make my call.

It's not anything Earth shattering but I use it all the time. Directory Enquiries and SMS in perfect harmony.

Like I said, it's the little things.


Richard Weeks