Wait, These Aren't Our Vacation Snapshots
By Eric Lin, Fri Oct 03 22:45:00 GMT 2003

Talk about a potentially embarrassing situation- A Helsinki family was watching TV when all of a sudden pictures of their neighbors' vacation took over the TV screen.

The two families live in adjacent apartments. Each has the same Nokia Mediamaster receiver hooked to their televisions, only a few meters apart through the wall. Both units were brand new and still using the default password. When one family decided to see how pictures snapped on their cameraphone looked on the TV, their neighbors got a slide show too.

Helsingin Sanomat, a Helsinki newspaper, printed the story this morning along with a warning that one should always change the default password on devices such as this. While the mixup may cause a little embarrassment, the Nokia Mediamaster is an unlikely bridge to your home network or private data. The same cannot be said for WiFi access points. Yet we cannot tell you how many wireless access points we see in our travels with default network names, only to discover they also use default network addresses and passwords.