Wheels of Zeus Gains Traction with Motorola
By Eric Lin, Thu Jan 08 21:45:00 GMT 2004

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been been busy creating his next big release. Wheels of Zeus (WoZ) is a system designed to find or track just about any object.

WoZ isn't so much a location based service, instead it's designed to merely locate a device with a WoZ transmitter. In fact, Wozniak has come out strongly against using WoZ to charge yet another service fee. The system is designed to use point to point connections and mesh network which Wozniak would prefer to the traditional network service, which WoZ is capable of as well.

WoZ uses a transmitter that reads the object's (a person or thing) location via GPS satellites and then transmits it over the open 900 mHz band to a receiver up to a couple miles away (at least according to the company). There are personal receivers, which can be paired with specific objects, and alert the user to those objects' locations, or alert him when objects have left a certain range. There are also base stations, which can receive transmissions from nearby (or not-so-nearby) objects and then send those locations to internet connected devices or other base stations (thus creating a mesh network).

Motorola have not announced what products, new or existing, they will integrate WoZ technology into, however according to an Associated Press article, it was licensed by their home division, not their phones unit. We should get more details tomorrow, when Motorola is set to make an official announcement.