Jobs By SMS
By Joachim Bamrud, Tue Oct 24 00:00:00 GMT 2000

Nokia launches a service to alert jobseekers to open positions by SMS.

Finnish phone giant Nokia has launched a job application service that lets users receive alerts through Short Messaging Service (SMS), the text messaging system hugely popular in Europe.

Candidates to Nokia jobs first have to register at the company's recruitment site, where they fill out various details including their GSM mobile phone number. They are then notified by both SMS and e-mail when a job matching their search criteria is available.

"Candidates can now be notified on open opportunities not only by e-mail, but also by SMS, anywhere and anytime," says Samuli Kivikko, an Internet recruiting consultant at Nokia. "The new service was created to improve the service for our candidates and is a step towards mobile recruitment services that give the freedom for the candidates worldwide to receive information quickly and in the format they prefer."

The service, launched in September, already boasts a "few hundred" registered candidates and was added to the existing e-mail notification service, according to Kivikko.

"This is another example of the brilliant value of SMS as a two-way media," says Simon Buckingham, CEO of Mobile Lifestream, a UK technology consultancy. "It's typical of the general trend of incorporating SMS into all offerings."

Professional job services in Europe like StepStone, World Job Mart and The Job Portal offer WAP sites with job listings, which enable job seekers to search for jobs through their mobile phones. However, none of these provide SMS and only StepStone provides an alerting service through ordinary e-mail. StepStone plans to add SMS at some point, but doesn't have any concrete schedule yet, a spokeswoman said.

And, until so-called "push" technology is introduced on WAP -- enabling a service provider to initiate contact with a phone user -- the job seeker cannot receive immediate alerts about openings unless they are among the few that can get e-mail forwarded to their phones or they use WAP phone e-mail services like

"Job search confirms SMS as a killer application," says Anuj Khanna, business development manager for Dialogue Communications, a UK software firm that has produced several SMS and WAP solutions. "Jobs is one of the right applications for SMS since people applying for jobs wouldn't mind getting an alert without alerting their boss."

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