Motorola v60t
By Joachim Bamrud, Mon Mar 18 00:00:00 GMT 2002

Motorola's mini-phone has the look, but won't be your best bet for web surfing.

The Motorola v60t stands out as an attractive phone in terms of look and voice use, but less so for wireless web.

Ease of use: 4/6 stars

For simple voice use, the v60t works well. When the clamshell lid is open, the earpiece is located conveniently above the screen. But, like most other compact phones, web applications is not among its strengths.

Design/style: 5/6 stars

The design is strikingly similar to the Touchpoint 1100, although the v60t is slightly larger and heavier. Like the TP 1100, this phone comes with a clamshell design with a small external LCD screen (showing incoming phone numbers) when the clamshell cover is shut. When closed it looks like a boat, but with its sleek design, combined with the compact size, the style works and makes the phone look very attractive.

Vital statistics: 3/6 stars

Network: CDMA
Weight: 121.9 g (4.3 ounces)
Dimensions: 121.9 x 54.1 x 23.4 mm. (4.8 x 2.13 x 0.92 inches)
Talk time: Up to 2.5 hours
Standby time: Up to 230 hours
Mobile Internet access: Openwave browser.
Text messaging
E-mail (POP)
Stores 500 phone entries
27 ringer melodies
Two-minute voice memo

WAP browsing: 2/6 stars

The v60t uses a WAP browser from (Openwave), but the little screen only provides three lines of text, one of the smallest offers we've seen on the market. To scroll down, you have to use a navigator button which is somewhat hard to use. Not only that: after barely reading one sentence, you have to press the "More" button, which then has to reconnect to the server, making the whole experience rather tedious. The appearance of the menu also looks a bit primitive, as if it was designed by beginners rather than giants like Openwave or Motorola. Finally, to get to the wireless web section, you first have to press the menu button on the phone's keypad, then go through the screen, which only shows two menu applications at a time. The web browser is the 7th application listed and thus almost "hidden."

WAP-related features: 4/6 stars

The v60t lets you send messages to an e-mail address (the recipient will receive a message from, for example and text messages to other phones. However, the small size of the phone made typing difficult and painful. The good news is that you can use several pre-set messages that help speed things up and save you the pain of writing. Cingular, the operator, that provided us with the review sample, also lets you use their regular web site to set up distribution lists (that way - if you have the opportunity - you can type in common e-mail addresses before you use them through your phone).

Overall: 4/6 stars

The Motorola v60t is a a net phone for regular phone users that put more emphasis on appearance and voice-apps than web use.