Nokia 3410
By Joachim Bamrud, Fri Sep 13 00:00:00 GMT 2002

Nokia compact phone comes with Java, a big boon to both game fans and business users.

The Nokia 3410 is a successor to the Nokia 3310. Both look physically similar. However, the 3410 also comes with J2ME - which enables users to download games and various business applications from the web into the phone - and WAP Push, a big plus for sports fans.

Ease of use: 4/6 stars

The menu gives you quick and easy access to the various options. However, the bad news for advanced users is that every time you take out and then re-install the SIM card (useful for those who have more than one phone) the 3410 asks you to re-input the date and hour each time. This can become quit annoying if you're in a hurry to get the phone going.

Design/style: 4/6 stars

Like the 3310, the design on the 3410 is simple, neither extraordinary nor ugly. On the plus side: the relative compact size and built-in antenna. It comes in a standard "Green Cloud" color. In addition, users can add three different (Xpress-on) covers to the phone: Space Impact 1 and 2 and Snake, which all provide additional color alternatives. Either one of these three should appeal to the youth market, which is likely among the key target audiences of the phone.

Vital statistics: 4/6 stars

Network: GSM 900/1800 MHz (Europe, Africa and Asia)
Weight: 114 g (4.0 ounces)
Dimensions: 115 x 49 x 22.5 mm (4.5 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches)
Talk time: Up to 4 hours and 10 minutes
Standby time: Up to 260 hours
Mobile Internet access (WAP)
WAP Push
Picture Editor
3D Screen Saver
Five games
Messaging (SMS, Chat, Photos, Icons)
35 ringtones
Up to 200 phone contacts (and up to 250 memory locations in SIM card)
Predictive text input
Alarm clock, timer and stopwatch

Mobile Internet browsing: 4/6 stars

Web surfing isn't the strong point of the 3410. The screen typically provides around four lines of text, which is just on the border of being too little. More importantly: Each time you want to read an item, you can't just click on the relevant item. The phone then asks you to "Open Link" each and very time you want to open a document or page. Needless to say, this becomes quite cumbersome after a short while.

Mobile Internet-related features: 5/6 stars

The 3410 comes with Chat - a big plus for younger consumers. They - and others - can also use the SMS solution, which works well and lets you include a Smiley (five alternatives) as well as send pictures (either 14 pre-set ones or others you download from Club Nokia). Most importantly: The phone allows you to download Java-enabled games and other content from Club Nokia. Another major asset of the 3410 is that it comes with WAP Push, which lets you receive automatic messages from a news provider (or whoever you sign up with), with alerts on news that's key to you (for example when your favorite sports team generates news).

Overall: 4/6 stars

The 3410 will provide a boost to Java usage. While it's not our favorite for wireless web use, the phone does performs well in terms of size, weight, and general phone capability.