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By Joachim Bamrud, Wed Aug 21 00:00:00 GMT 2002

TheFeature surveys leading industry officials on how they personally use the mobile Internet.

The last few years, the mobile telecommunications sector has undergone dramatic changes with the emergence of data capability. However, the changes have not been without controversy, with hype and anti-hype often dominating the news about mobile data.

TheFeature asked more than half-a-dozen leading executives of the mobile telecom sectors in Europe and the United States how they personally used the mobile 'Net. The answers have been edited for clarity.

TheFeature: What do you personally use the wireless web and data for?

Rudi Lamprecht, president of the Board of the Information and Communication Mobile (IC Mobile) Group and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, Germany: For the most part, I use it to keep in touch with the office while I'm away on business. The wireless web allows me to keep in touch with my team in Munich, no matter where I am.

Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, Nokia Mobile Phones, Finland: Since I am traveling a lot and I am a news-freak, I want to see and hear the news of Finnish broadcasting company where ever I am. For this I am using the streaming application with Real One player on my Nokia 9210 communicator. This works very well and gives me access any time anywhere to the news of YLE.

Bruce Martin, Vice President of Technology, Openwave Systems, USA: I have two primary uses for the wireless web: Instant messaging (IM) and flying. My hobby is flying light aircraft. One of the things pilots are constantly doing is checking the aviation weather reports (e.g., winds aloft, thunderstorms, etc.). I am also an avid user of mobile instant messaging. I'm a huge fan of the Openwave Mobile Instant Messaging application, and use it to keep in touch with my co-workers.

Monique Moullé-Zetterström, CEO, Orange, Denmark: Receive and send e-mails when I am on the move, receive news on IT development, weather forecasts and stock exchanges, find taxis or cinemas and check flight arrivals or departures.

Kent Thexton, Chief Marketing and Data Officer and member of executive committee, mm02, UK: Corporate e-mail through Blackberry and information through WAP and web browsing through the XDA.

Matt Kaiser, Marketing Director, Cingular Wireless, USA: To access stock quotes, movie times/info, concert info, directory listings and directions and check flight times and play games.

Dan Wilinsky, Director of Media Relations and Financial Communications, Sprint PCS, USA: Check top news stories, sports scores - for example the World Cup - and current stock prices. Also, retrieve my AOL messages.

TheFeature: What are your favorite wireless web sites?

Lamprecht: Wireless web sites with sports results and stock prices are my favorites. As a soccer fan, I regularly check scores. Vanjoki: By the choice of my main operator and their well working service, I mostly use Sonera ZED and Sonera in www/wap combination.

Martin: My favorite site is (web site: Joachim Bamrud is an award-winning journalist with 18 years experience as a writer and editor in the United States, Europe and Latin America. Bamrud has worked for various print, broadcast and online media, including Latin Trade, Reuters and UPI.