Reporting from the Edge at CeBIT
By Sean Paavo Krepp, Fri Mar 07 16:00:00 GMT 2003 offers Real-time Mobile Industry Reporting from CeBIT, Straight to Your Mobile Device

Dear Readers,

For all who have attended major industry trade shows, you know that with hundreds of service and product launches its difficult to cut through the clutter. Staying in tune with the most important news and views as you move around the trade event floor or even as you read from afar is - to say the least - difficult.

During CeBIT 2003, the world's largest IT event, TheFeature staff and contributors will hit the trade show floor to relay clear and compelling insights - as they happen - about the mobile industry. This new mobile service, called Scream Event, allows you to choose how you want to receive breaking news - as SMS, MMS, e-mail or straight from the Web.

The Scream Event service will be offered as a free introduction to TheFeature Mobile Services for the duration of CeBIT - March 12-19 - and readers who sign up at will be given a chance to win a Nokia 3650 imaging phone after completing a brief survey about the service trial.

TheFeature developed its publishing services with the aim of not only delivering news, analysis and views to your mobile but also allowing for its members to get involved in the debate.

Another mobile service -- called Scream -- will be launched in the near future on a subscription basis. Scream will deliver the opinions of mobile industry leaders to the industry community - and let the community talk back.

Each week, Scream will pick a hot-button issue and send out an industry authority's concise view on the matter. Subscribers can then send back responses, which will be published on TheFeature's Web site, while one reader will be chosen to send out their opinion via Scream. At the end of the week, the rest of the community can vote on what they've read.

This new publishing platform allows TheFeature to publish news at any time from any place for multiple formats, and allows users to select the content, frequency, and type of messages they want to receive by establishing personal profiles. These new services will complement our existing Avantgo and WAP offerings. We are excited to be at the forefront of offering cutting-edge mobile services in addition to reporting about them. It only takes a few minutes to sign up to be in sync with CeBIT.

We hope you'll enjoy and look forward to your feedback!

Sean Paavo Krepp
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