Sony Ericsson T300
By Carlo Longino, Thu Jan 30 13:00:00 GMT 2003

Proof that a low price tag doesn't have to mean a short list of features.

The T300 is a cool little phone, with features belying its low price. Color screen, camera attachment support, MMS, e-mail - many of the same features as the much pricier T68 in a slightly less classy package.

Ease of Use - 5/6 stars

The T300's graphically-driven interface is easy to use with the four-way joystick, which is improved over earlier models, making it harder to press the stick down accidentally while making it easier to use deliberately, though the tiny keys can be problematic for the more full-fingered user.

The T300 also shares a similar phone book function which can store up to 250 entries, and also supports a "picture phonebook". It's much like using caller groups to display an icon when a certain person calls, except users can snap images of their friends and contacts with the optional camera attachment (or transfer them from a computer) and store them with that person's contact info so it will pop up on the screen when they call.

Instead of the T68's calendar program, the T300 has an event application that allows the user to input an event and set an alarm to remind them of it at a certain time. While not as easy to use or as functional as a full-fledged calendar program, it should be fine for most people's use.

Voice clarity and data transmissions were fine on AT&T Wireless' network in the Austin, Texas area. Unlike many other low- or mid-range phones, the T300 can also be used with a computer as a GPRS modem via the infrared port or a data cable. And it's tri-band, functioning on GSM networks around the world.

Design/Style: 4/6 stars

The T300's looks take a little getting used to, as it seems the vivid color screen gets a little lost in the colored faceplate that surrounds it. But the phone is a good size and has a decent form factor that fits well in the hand. Thankfully, too, those faceplates can be swapped out, as the forest green one our demo unit had wasn't too appealing. The T300 can be further customized with downloaded polyphonic ringtones as well.

Vital Statistics: 4/6 stars

GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900mHz
WAP 2.0
Dimensions: 106 x 48 x 21mm
Weight: 101g
Talk time: 360-450 minutes
Standby time: 350 hours
Polyphonic ringtones
SMS/concatenated SMS
Mobile Chat
Clock, events manager, calculator
Up to 250 contacts with multiple fields
Predictive text input
101x80 256-color display

Mobile Internet Browsing: 5/6 stars

Browsing is easy enough with the aforementioned joystick and the 5-line display. It's also great to be able to link up a PDA over the infrared port and surf with it over the T300's GPRS connection. The T300 can also send and receive e-mail with IMAP4 and POP3 clients, though it doesn't support SMTP authentication.

Mobile Internet-related Features: 5/6 stars

Users can also download themes and ringtones to change the appearance and sound of their phone, and the T300 also supports the WAP download of additional games. The T300 fully supports EMS and MMS, and has a built-in MMS editor, and supports the MCA-25 digital camera attachment.

Overall: 4/6 stars

The T300 is a great phone - especially at recent prices (as low as USD100 in the USA, USD150 with the camera attachment). It takes a lot from its older brother, the T68, and gets rid of some things like Bluetooth that general users may not be too interested in. While some of these changes will steer high-end users away from the T300, it's a great phone for a lot of users.

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