The Mobile Phone-Gun
By Justin Ried, Mon Oct 30 00:00:00 GMT 2000

If Al Capone were alive today, he'd no doubt be using a 'Nokitel.'

Police in The Netherlands discovered a four-shot pistol disguised as a mobile phone earlier this month.

Amsterdam cops seized a large cache of weapons and explosives, including automatic weapons, hand grenades and plastic explosives, during house searches. Also found was a small gun disguised as a "Nokitel"-brand phone.

The phone was designed to discharge 4 .22 calibre rounds of hot lead automatically after a certain sequence of keys are pressed.

It shouldn't be a surprise, really. This isn't the first time police have come across this sort of thing. Guns disguised as pens, pipes, canes, and other everyday items have been around for decades, and the mobile phone was just a natural transition.

It's interesting that they chose the name 'Nokitel' for the shooter. Perhaps they were worried about copyright violations?

[Now that's what I call dialing a wrong number. (Sorry, couldn't resist) -Ed.]