Top 5 Mobile Vision Competition Entries
By Editorial Staff, Fri Mar 22 00:00:00 GMT 2002

You've heard from the executives, now hear from your peers. Read the submissions and cast a vote on your favorite entry - and expose yourself!

It is a cultural problem that no mobile services have yet introduced biofeedback. The electrodes necessary can be in the earpiece for GSR (galvanic skin resistance) and BP/P if situated between an enclosure clip for anchor on the ear. Electrodes can be integrated into points-ridden, comb-like, headset frames, so EEG for many different traces could also be integrated into the single data connector already found on most phones. Read-confirm subroutines downloadable. Integration with voice recognition systems the first logical likely development enhancement. Audio enhancement systems using original signals may synthesize visual patterning that corresponds to biofeedback signals, creating visual as well as audio cues (normal /trad tones for zones) to one’s stress status… variations upon an pre-set target theme, and/or nominal versus actual readings, etc., which also guide eventual A.I. applications using colloquial syntax engines on-line, etc. Remember Eliza? In her time she wowed the masses. In my pocket is my phone, and upon it only I rely alone. Pick up your own phone and it knows only you, everything you react to, and schedule to do, unless the wrong person touches it. Snit. It’s on the blink. Oh, it tells you, only you, to re-set and re-test you’re you.

" my experience most people are nervous about anything as personal as biofeedback. Such a service, or range of them, could have dramatic value to the healthcare industry as well as to those intent on managing their own stress."

By: Steve Stollenwerk

Vision 2 -Knowledge

Mobility grants instant access to a vast database that encompasses the entirety of human knowledge. It enables anyone to instantly educate themselves on virtually any subject. It gives everyone a voice to express their ideas, opinions, needs and concerns to a global audience, and it lets that audience respond. It bridges gaps in culture, religion, ideology, race, income, and lifestyle as well as physical location. It creates communities that span continents. It unites us, while granting us our individuality and personal freedom. It creates connections. It creates dialog. It creates understanding.

By: Aaron Smith

Vision 3 -Mobile Gaia

Mobile Gaia
"They lay on silk sheets inside their beachside cage. The fine mesh woven right through the building filtered out both insects and wireless radiofrequencies. Only moonlight and the sound and smells of surf washed through the room. Mercifully free from phone calls, Bluetooth devices baying for special deals on maintenance & upgrades, personal biochip interrogations by their health provider, their comm-devices lay silent beside the bed. They'd escaped from the Grid and from the children. Outside the cage eco-taxes were being charged for resource depletion, tracked for each household or business by ecological meters. The Grid made this ubiquitous, and a combination of global shaming, webocracy and trading of eco-credits was slowly levelling global inequalities.

The kids were with the grandparents, good old-fashion personal contact to develop social skills. 'Digit Visits' lacked bite. It turned out that physical interaction with other people was the key. Humans wanted technology to help them keep better connected to each other and to enhance their awareness of events around them. But they didn't want to have to attend to every little thing. All they wanted was a virtual awareness that would take place subconsciously, much like how our eyes perceive the physical world. Every piece of mobile communication technology was aimed at enabling and enhancing personal contact. That meant that a video of the children was much more valuable than any other content like streaming music. That was the stuff people wanted to share with each other and to talk about. Useless for the many, but valuable for the few. The Grid made it all flow effortlessly from person to person (P2P). All devices, software and infrastructure worked like a single entity that aided us in human communication. Birdsong welcomed the last dawn of the holiday. Back to the Grid: the neural network for Gaia."

By: Sonny Lim

Vision 4 -Wireless Geek

Where we are going...
A day in the life of a Wireless Geek...

Ding... Ding... ahh the famous alarm clock, equipped cellular phone, a god send when out of town. As I pull my self out of bed, I command the phone via voice to check email,
“One new email, from... Your Wife”
“Play email,” I request, as I begin to get dressed.

“Hi honey, I am glad you will be home tonight, I will pick you up at the airport at seven.” Replies the phone in a very friendly computirzed voice. As I finish packing my bags I command my handset to check out at the hotel, make sure my flight is on time, and to call upon a taxi. Silently and efficiently the phone networks with the central computer in the hotel, and arrange my final bill which is sent back as a reply to my handset. A tone shows me that my request is complete, and I check over the final bill on the handset, and press my thumb into the print pad on the back of the phone finalizing my payment.

As I leave the room, the serialized lock code is removed from my handset and can no longer unlock my hotel room door. A message comes in showing that the flight is on time and will be boarding in twenty min. As I walk to the front of the hotel I am greeted by my awaiting cab, and jump in.

“Good morning sir, we received your wireless request 20min ago, your destination is still the airport?”
“Yes and please hurry, my flight is on time for once,” I jokingly said. I begin to read my daily emails, and play my news articles in full streaming color.

“In-coming call from Dale” the handset announces.
“Forward to voicemail and continue new” I request from the handset. The call is routed and caller-id enabled voicemail, (CIV) allows dale to here a preset message directly for him. As we put to the airport I use the thumb pad to pay the Taxi driver and continue into the air port, stopping to grab a bottle of water from a vending machine, also purchased with my thumb pad on the handset.

“In-coming conference call from the partners”
“Answer in video mode,” the handset screen splits into two, and both Dale, and Susanne appear. We talk about the meeting tomorrow, and I am instructed to review these files, as they appear on my handset.

The call is ended and showing my tickets on the handset I board the aircraft, as a reminder notice comes up on my calendar of events, to bring home a gift for Sally, I kicking myself for forgetting, log onto an online shopping site, and order a gift for same day delivery.

As the flight is in motion I check my voicemail, and review the files that the partners sent me, and write replies to each of my daily emails. I then browse the list of in flight meals, and list of available movies. The film of my choice is broadcasted to my handset from the planes main computer.

As we land my handset reconnects to the network and all my email automatically are sent out, and my files are sent to my desktop pc. A map of the airport appears on the screen, and directs me to my baggage. I walk out to greet my wife, and jump into the car, sliding my handset into the unlock mechanism, the car starts and we go home, a little chit chat, I show pictures from my trip to my wife, and we discuss Sally’s treat, and how it will be delivered. As we pull into the parking garage, my handset auto opens the doors, and turns on the lights of the house.

“Place order for the usual to be delivered at nine” I request to my handset, as we walk up to the door, a delivery driver shows up, and gives us two packages, a small box marked FOR SALLY, and a dozen roses for my wife, as we walk into the house sally runs up to us barking and excited that mom and dad are home, I open the package of doggie treats, and the three of us await dinner to arrive and relax the night away. Before bed I set my handset to charge, and to awake me the next morning, all in all, it was a great day.

By: A Ainsley

Vision 5 -Live Anywhere

Today we talk about mobility as the buzz word for everything convergent in nature....and that's not only in technology or information technology. Taking us from immobility to our present state and further is the promise of a free world, not the way it is today but in a way which exceeds our expectations and even our imaginations. So what world is this? Working from anywhere and being connected is passe, mobility is not just about being anywhere and working but is about living a life anywhere. The promise of being mobile is the ability of living our own lives, in our own way, anywhere... or here.

What I visualize the promise of mobility to be is...the ability to live anywhere in the universe and yet be at home.

By: Shankar Ghosh