Warm Greetings for WAP.com Readers
By Sean Paavo Krepp, Fri Dec 21 00:00:00 GMT 2001


TheFeature aims to be nothing less than a voice - an opinionated, independent voice for the mobile community. Visionary and analytical content from contributors and members alike have already made our site the mobile Internet's premier thinking space.

TheFeature's community - whether they hail from academia, media, business, or from private life - can meet one another, exchange opinions and develop the relationships necessary to build our mobile world and realize its vision.

We have enjoyed over a year of cooperation with WAP.com through sharing their product reviews on our site. We are pleased to carry on this tradition now as they pass the torch to us.

We encourage you to join TheFeature's community and benefit from the insights and foresights of our members and contributors. Welcome!

With kind regards,

Sean Paavo Krepp