What is Lifestyle Week?
By Sean Paavo Krepp, Mon Mar 18 00:00:00 GMT 2002

TheFeature.com offers its readers insights on the usage of mobile services by its very proponents - mobile industry executives, mobile system developers and fashion gurus.

Dear reader,

People around the globe have incorporated mobile voice communications as an integral part of their every-day lives. But which mobile data services are beginning to move into mainstream usage?

From August 19th to the 22nd, TheFeature will be host “Lifestyle Week”, to peer into the the lives of some of the early adopters such as top industry executives, services developers and fashion gurus.

The first day is devoted to broad industry perspectives whilst days 2-4 look into business, technology and lifestyle, respectively.

The week will culminate with a Mobile Service Competition, where we have invited TheFeature.com’s influential community to contribute their own views. The Top 5 most compelling service entries will be selected by TheFeature.com’s Editorial Team.

The final winning entry, however, will be up to TheFeature.com community! On the 23nd of August the community will be able to vote online for the most innovative entry.

I would very much like to welcome you to take part in the debate!

Sincere regards,

Sean Paavo Krepp