What is The Podium?
By null, Mon Sep 23 00:00:00 GMT 2002

The floor is yours...

Been looking for a soap box to voice your opinions about the mobile Internet? Step up to the Podium and get vocal - ahem, I mean textual.

Many members of TheFeature's community have asked us for the opportunity to sound off on the site. So in an effort to enable this and create more dialogue between our members, we've opened a channel - for you, by you - called The Podium. Members are free to submit articles and opinions (maximum 1000 words) to Editors@TheFeature.com for publishing, and we'll update the section weekly.

Here's where it gets interesting. Top articles will be posted in the "Discussion" section and a discussion thread will be launched for each article - allowing the community to comment on your opinions.

So if you've got something burning you think needs debate, don't be shy, get up on The Podium.

The floor is yours!


Sean Paavo Krepp