Bluetooth to be Zapped by Magnetic Induction?
By Justin Ried, Mon Sep 22 16:45:00 GMT 2003

David Stennett writes: "CNET recently reported that a company called foneGEAR has come out with a wireless headset that uses magnetic induction instead of radio frequencies to transmit data from point-to-point." Well, foneGEAR LLC doesn't seem to have an official online presence... is this one for the foil beanie folder?

David's submission continues: "This technology, which has been employed for some time in medical devices, is now being produced for retail goods by a company called Aura. The company claims induction actually performs better than Bluetooth (though it provides no specific examples). Dan Cui, Aura's Vice President, assures CNET that his technology doesn't have to deal with a crowded radio spectrum and is therefore less prone problems."