Samsung Fighting Patent War
By John Alderman, Tue Apr 13 15:00:00 GMT 2004

Samsung, the number-three mobile phone manufacturer, is trying to push to the top by racking up as many patents as possible, with an eye on dominating the 4G handset market.

The article quotes Samsung CEO Gi-tae Lee as saying "a patent war has already begun,"and says that the company has set 2010 as the target date to become the world's leading handset manufacturer.

Samsung’s charge is described as partly an emulation of Nokia and Motorola’s domination of 2G through GSM and CDMA patents, but also a defensive strategy to avoid a growing burden as 3G and 4G depend on an ever-wider set of technologies, and with them ever-increasing patent fees.

According to a Samsung manager, the company has racked up some 100 patents that have been adopted as 3G and 4G standards, though the story doesn't say who's adopted them.

Of course, companies looking to control patents should come as no surprise, but it’s a little amazing to see Samsung fight so many battles at once, as it takes on Intel for chips, Japanese television makers for living room screens, and fundamental mobile technologies. Can it sustain a fight on so many fronts?