Successful Examples of Mobile Advertising Discussed
By Eric Lin, Wed Nov 05 20:45:00 GMT 2003

Heath Row blogged a portion of a panel discussion on Mobile Marketing at Ad:Tech for Fast Company. The panel discussed how each of them is using mobile devices, and the target audience and clients best suited for mobile campaigns.

Most of the campaigns center around some type of SMS delivery. For the most part, these campaigns only create a relationship between a customer and the advertiser. However a few, notably those created by panel participant ipsh!, have two novel features. They combine text with audio (Press send to hear a clip) and they encourage users to pass along the messages, including links to audio clips to their friends.

Most of the advertisers who direct their campaigns at cell phone users are targeting the young (12-30 year old) audience. Often these subscribers are prime picks for movies, music, beauty products, fast food and even youth-branded cars (Volkswagon, Mini, Scion). But it was clear by the brands mentioned that PDA ads are for a more mature crowd- they are for travel, drinks, and other big ticket items.

It is interesting to see the difference in approach between some of the participants. Some said "we sent out a bunch of messages," while others created vast and interesting campaigns- with puzzles, sharing and interaction. The first approach obviously leaves an advertiser open to complaints about spam, and not necessarily unwarranted when the ad agency just says they sent out a bunch of messages. But we wonder whether users consider the messages spam, or whether they would take time to participate in the more interactive campaigns. No data was given to compare the effectiveness of either approach in the transcript.