A Soap You Donít Stay Home to Watch
By Eric Lin, Thu Aug 21 01:30:00 GMT 2003

The Netherlands was the birthplace of Big Brother, the show that created the interactive reality TV trend. Now a Dutch company is launching the first MMS soap opera. Will this be the next big show to sweep the globe?

In a few days MSN Netherlands will launch Jong Zuid (Young South), the first MMS soap opera. Subscribers will receive episodes of 3-6 still images, sound clips, and text on their MMS capable handsets throughout the day. A few traditional comic strips have been made available via MMS, but this is the first serial designed for a mobile handset. Given the amount of attention online serials like Broken Saint have generated, itís surprising no one has tried an illustrated or animated serial over MMS yet.

Media Republic, the creators of Jong Zuid, have done a great to deal to make sure that subscribers stay interested in the series. The main characters are played by well known Dutch stars. Subscribers will be able to chat with the stars through the soapís website, or even try out for stardom themselves by sending their picture by MMS. Subscribers can also get more background from the website, and catch up on the missed episodes using a special desktop viewer.

Dutch users can subscribe to Jong Zuid for free via the MSN sponsored website.