Getting Randy With Your Handy
By David Pescovitz, Fri Aug 13 17:45:00 GMT 2004

A new mobile magazine launches this month that's all-porn, all the time.

Adult porn auteur/actor "Ben Dover" has climbed into bed with mobile content provider Symbios Group to launch what they call the first mobile phone-based adult magazine. The weekly magazine will provide adult videos, photos, interviews, and reviews of the hottest new cinematic, er, sensations.

Of course, handset porn is nothing new, with O2, Orange, and other big names already servicing clients with the naughty bits. Amazingly though, according to the Symbios press release, Italian mobile operator Wind is currently "deriving 80 percent of data revenues from its sex channel, dating, and flirt SMS services."

Symbios says that this play is just the first in what will be become a portfolio of licensed adult mobile products. Eventually, they intend to saddle up to the US porn producers, "offering traditional adult brands a route to 'value added' mobile publishing."

"Increasingly, people live and work with a new set of habits regarding time-using the mobile phone and with this in mind we feel that the services will prove just as popular as the late night subscription or traditional purchase method for adult material via news stands and TV channels," says Symbios Group sales director Martin Montague.

The new magazine launches later this month. Expect a spike in sales of hands-free gear.