Moblogging Goes Mainstream at DEMO
By Carlo Longino, Tue Feb 17 01:45:00 GMT 2004

The yearly DEMO conference often sees the unveiling of a slew of new and cool emerging tech products. The first day of this year's event saw a couple of pretty major moblogging annoucements.

Silicon Valley-based WaveMarket launched a location-based blogging system they're selling to carriers. It's a pretty nifty-sounding product that lets users create blog posts with location tags, then also check a map and see where around them information's been left or blogs updated.

Say you go to a restaurant you really a blog entry from there saying how good the fish is, and other users will be able to access that information from a map, with the post showing up in the restaurant's location -- organizing information not just by time, but by place. Mobitopia man Russell Beattie is working on the product and has some more details on it over at his blog.

But perhaps the more significant announcement came from Six Apart, the company behind the popular Movable Type blogging software, which said it was adding a slew of mobile enhancements to its TypePad hosted blogging service. The new features will make moblogging much easier for the army of TypePad users, integrating it into their existing weblogs with custom templates and automatic image resizing. The company is also releasing a standalone Palm moblogging client, with plans to create them for other devices as well.

Eric wrote last week about an ETCon presentation demoing some more smartphone moblogging software, so it looks like moblogging is more firmly coming on to companies' radar. It will be interesting to see what's going on in the space next week at the 3GSM World Congress.