Picture Messaging Evolves
By Eric Lin, Thu Oct 23 19:30:00 GMT 2003

Just when we thought no one was listening, and the picture messaging revolution was going to pass by the handset manufacturers and carriers right into the hands of the public at large, the big guys finally catch up.

In a recent journal entry, Howard asked why there weren't any easy moblogging applications for smart devices. Justin Hall responded that he recently used an application for the Nokia 3650 that allowed him to moblog to Club Nokia with two clicks.

Two moblog services have launched that allow users to not only attach photos, but video or audio that they have recorded on their next generation Smartphones. Mlogs works for US users, while Albino Gorilla has been built for the Danish.

Yesterday we were pointing out that operators need to open their MMS service centers to third party applications, Orange was obviously thinking this same thing. Today they announced that in addition to SMS, Orange subscribers will be able to post pictures and even audio to weblogs via MMS through Txtsolutions. Txtsolutions have a service that allows user to post text to any website that uses the Blogger API by SMS (a real SMS to a phone number, not an internet gateway SMS), but the big news is that now because of an interoperability agreement Orange subscribers can blog directly to this same service by MMS, attaching pictures or audio files in addition to text.

Although there is no mobile application for it yet, Xeni Jardin broke the news about a new secure peer to peer picture sharing application. Hello allows users to browse photos together in a peer to peer type of application. Although it is only launching on Windows PCs, it is interesting this idea could easily be extended to a mobile environment to satisfy the type of stream of consciousness moblogging Howard comments is happening in Japan already.