Television for the Thumb Tribes
By Eric Lin, Mon Sep 08 20:15:00 GMT 2003

Building on ideas the idea of playing games on TV by SMS, a young entrepreneur in Switzerland has proposed a TV channel to the Swiss FCC programmed exclusively with content for the mobile generation.

A few days back we reported on new TV shows that engage young users by allowing them to play each other by SMS in front of viewers nationwide. Today Picturephoning have learned of a new TV channel up for review at the Swiss FCC that amplifies this idea. A young entrepreneur wants to create a channel for the mobile generation, one where they can send in photos and video they've captured out and about in addition to playing games and voting on programming by SMS.

In addition to the game programs we discussed earlier, other stations offer viewers a chance to have some effect on programming, such as MTV's Direct Effect, American Idol, or Big Brother. Websites like Hiptop Nation have created a public community by allowing mobloggers to share in an unrestricted public forum. Combining all these successful technologies into a single media channel (Elevator will be both a TV and internet channel, like the original C|Net), sounds ambitious but totally plausible.

If Elevator is approved and is well executed it is not difficult to imagine it becoming something like Oh My News on a larger, yet more personal scale. Not just news reported from location as it happens, but also events as mundane as a beautiful day in the park or a night out at the clubs. Could it just as easily flop and just become the domain of a few active users holding the rest of the viewers captive or (worse) driving them away?