Users Willing to Pay More for Content
By Eric Lin, Thu Apr 29 21:45:00 GMT 2004

Nokia has just released the results of a mobile content survey, polling subscribers from nine countries in Europe, North America and Asia. In light of other mobile data survey results we've seen recently, the results aren't surprising, just encouraging.

Last year, at a presentation by Handango, we were shocked to learn that most PDA users we're willing to spend more for software than the mean price developers were asking. Nokia survey found the same is generally true for mobile content, although it depends on the user's age. Younger users are willing to pay up to ten Euro extra per month for mobile content, but that figure decreases as the users' age increases. Younger users are also more interested in the content. Older users are also more hesitant to take advantage of mobile content because they are less familiar with the software and technology used.

While age was a factor, sex was not, except for interest in Sports news. Nor does the survey report any any significant difference between users on different continents. In addition to the usual ringtones and themes, those surveyed were most interested in on-the-go information (city guides, movies schedules, etc) and entertainment. Many recent surveys have suggested an increasing desire for local guides, but we've seen little action from carriers or content providers so far.