Art of the Cameraphone
By David Pescovitz, Thu May 13 21:30:00 GMT 2004

A San Francisco art gallery is asking people to send in photos taken with their cameraphones to create a month-long art installation.

San Francisco tech/art hub Rx Gallery is hosting a unique show later this month of cameraphone images. While mpps (Mobile Phone Photo Show) is certainly not the first formal exhibit of phonecam work, curators Kurt Bigenho and Gregory Cowley are taking an interesting approach.

"From May 20 through June 18, 2004, participants from all over the world are invited to send us their photos. We will display the collected images continuously, 24 hours a day, on monitors throughout the gallery. On our main wall we will display thumbnail printouts of the photos, starting, on opening night, with a completely blank wall."

As the images stream in, the wall will quickly fill with glimpses from around the globe. Indeed, the very meaning of "curation" changes with this exhibit as no photo will be denied a place in the show.

Cameraphone images, the curators say, "are rich with personal meaning, perhaps because, already, the cell phone is becoming a part of us, an appendage thus we have an intimate relationship with the technology, and this intimacy bleeds into the images created with this technology."