Handset Makers Encourage Creative Mobile Media
By Carlo Longino, Fri Nov 07 17:45:00 GMT 2003

Sony Ericsson and Nokia have both launched initiatives to encourage people to use their multimedia handsets -- one to take and share images, the other to just watch.

SE has launched the t-six-ten online magazine, which gives users a different idea upon which to bas their pictures each issue. Anybody with a camera phone -- from any manufacturer -- can register and submit images (via the site or e-mail), which are then judged, with the winner being used on the "cover" of the next edition. The site also features galleries from T610-equipped celebrities like Lord of the Ring actors Orlando Bloom and Billy Boyd, and the 38th hottest woman in the world in 2002, according to the US edition of FHM magazine, actress Catherine Bell.

As part of the UK's Raindance Film Festival for first-time filmmakers and the British Independent Film Awards, Nokia solicited 15-second short films made with standard digital equipment, and then loaded them onto 3650-model handsets placed in the foyers of the festival's theaters. They also put the top 10 films up on the Web, where users could vote for their favorite, with the winner receiving training courses and the opportunity to film a longer short film with professional crew and equipment.

It's great that Nokia is supporting the arts, but why couldn't they give people an opportunity to shoot and share films made on their handsets, like the 3650? A great benefit of putting cameras and video recorders in phones is that it also puts them in the hands of the public, who should be encouraged to capture and share pictures and movies. Well done to Sony Ericsson for providing a space with which to do that.