Is that a Satellite Dish in Your Pocket?
By Justin Hall, Sat Feb 07 17:15:00 GMT 2004

Infoworld is reporting on a new effort by Samsung to put satellite TV in mobile phones. Handsets are in the development stages for Japan and South Korea, and the appropriate satellite should launch in a few weeks. With the satellite in the sky, and the devices distributed, viewers should be able to receive satellite TV and even pay-per-view signals on mobile devices within those two countries.

televisedThe last time I was in South Korea, I saw a friend's phone that could receive regular broadcast television signals. I was shocked - there was something immediately impressive about watching a television signal through a mobile phone. I wasn't sure that I'd want to use it much.

But then at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, I saw small portable Tivo-like devices. Would I want to watch TV on my device if I could be sure it was the Simpsons?

With this satellite launch, people will have a wider range of events to tune into. Some are shows to pass the time - dramas and comedies. But some are time-sensitive - news and particularly sports, I would imagine. A soccer or baseball fan can now get a game update.

On a screen smaller than their fist! Could phone-watchers even read the score off the screen? Maybe the people behind this initiative could deploy special cameras to capture a vertically-aligned narrow close-up image at important events. Or they could do some custom pan-and-scanning, cropping the image and reconfiguring the text onscreen so these leading edge satellite television mobile devices in Japan and South Korea can provide a satisfying viewing experience.