LG To Use Symbian, Microsoft OS
By Carlo Longino, Thu Oct 16 19:15:00 GMT 2003

Apart from setting itself some lofty sales targets, Korean handset maker LG said at the ITU World Telecom show they'd make handsets using both Symbian and Microsoft operating systems.

The company said, in all seriousness, it wanted to be the top supplier of 3G handsets and double its 2 percent GSM market share. What is it about tradeshows that get companies to say such crazy things? another Asian handset maker, Panasonic, said it was looking to triple its global market share and become a top-five vendor in the next two years. Best of luck, guys.

Good thing we read the rest of the LG story after we finished chuckling, or we would have missed the real news, the company's plans to use the two competing OS.

LG says it will use a Microsoft OS for its high-end handsets, and Symbian in its mid-range models -- reinforcing the emerging belief that any Microsoft mobile OS success will come from business and corporate users as opposed to the mass market of general users.