Some Businesses Favoring SMS Over E-mail
By Carlo Longino, Tue Sep 30 19:45:00 GMT 2003 pointed to an article in USA Today about how some businesses are looking to decrease their dependence on e-mail, saying one US firm has replaced it with SMS.

Keen to cut the risk of virus damage and time wasted by spam, companies are trying to find better ways for employees to communicate. British retailer Phones4U has gone so far as to ban internal e-mail, with boss John Caudwell telling people to get back on the phone or have face-to-face meetings.

While text messaging might be a better form of P2P communication in some instances, isn't this all a bit extreme? First and foremost is the length restriction, followed shortly thereafter by the distinct lack of attachments and file-sharing. And though I sometimes feel like I'm in the minority, I wouldn't want my work e-mail (or its equivalent) to follow me around all day and especially all night!