Yafro from the Front Lines
By Justin Hall, Sun May 02 20:15:00 GMT 2004

The recent war in Iraq has generated unprecedented media coverage and scandal surrounding photographs. Yafro puts a bit of a human face on the front lines.

From PicturePhoning.com, one of Emily Turrettini's excellent mobile weblogs, news of a new moblogging web site Yafro, from the people who created AmIHotOrNot?

Yafro is a digital photo hosting web site, a group shoebox - like LiveJournal meets SnapFish without the ecommerce, yet. Very informal; like Flickr, Yafro is an attempt to see what kind of community and content comes from millions and millions of digital cameras and mobile phone cams.

Yafro supports moblogging, and they've taken the time to showcase pictures from soldiers in Iraq. These are soldiers posting their own pictures, from digital cameras, maybe from mobile phones. What technology do they use there? The answer is probably in the forums, and it looks like the soldiers will reply if they can get online.

It's up close and personal. And immediate. Like the 29 April picture included above, from FUN11B, a guy from Southern California, with this caption: "Me w/ my best friend in Iraq."

Looking at his profile, his keywords include: "girls, camping, snowboarding, punk, hard rock, bars, clubs, fun, Sports, Army, military, action, comedy, bbq, mexican food, california, Washington, IraqSucks." IraqSucks - well, you can see for yourself. Through their eyes! Last week!