N-Gage: The Devil's in the Details
By Justin Ried, Tue Nov 04 08:45:00 GMT 2003

Mobitopia founder Russ Beattie has posted some insightful commentary about the N-Gage. "Everyone's just trashed it so much, but there's so many areas where just small touches could have made the platform that much better, but it just seems completely rushed to market. " Read on for more. (Disclaimer: TheFeature is owned and operated by Nokia.)

He continues: "I forsee a retreat and retrenchment on Nokia's part. This is what I predict: N-Gage the device will become "N-Gage compatible" the logo on future phones. In other words, I predict that within 6 months we'll see a phone from Nokia that can run N-Gage based cards. The investment in marketing and subsidies to game-makers will be spread out across the new devices and the disaster that is the N-Gage device will be de-emphasized in a big way. This could be a winning strategy, since which phone are you going to buy, the one that plays wimpy Java games, or the one with all the cool peripherals you can buy like 3D game cards and snap-on Joypads? They would also be smart to "license" the N-Gage capability to other S60 licensees as well. Imagine what Panasonic or Siemens could do with it?"

My 2 euro cents: I think Nokia should own up to the reality that the N-Gage has been a disappointment - in both sales figures and user experience. It's the right thing to do. That's what a market leader should do.

Then do all of the game developers right by extending the N-Gage gaming platform to future Series 60 devices. Not just the next generation game deck, but others as well. Russ' idea of an "N-Gage compatible" handset is excellent. It sells the handsets, the games, and ensures the whole platform is improved. It doesn't bet the farm on a single device.

I'd like to hear what some of our community members think.

(Thanks to All About Symbian for the link.)