Online Gaming Explodes, But Where Are Mobiles?
By Carlo Longino, Mon Jan 19 21:45:00 GMT 2004

A couple pieces of data out today point to the overwhelming popularity of online gaming, with one report saying that the games will generate more than $1 billion of revenue this year, another stating that video games are European kids' most popular Internet activity, ahead of e-mail and downloading music. So where are all the mobile multi-player online games?

It's been pretty obvious for several years now that multiplayer games are popular and can generate heady revenues. It's also been obvious for quite some time that putting these types of games on mobile devices was a pretty safe bet for success.

So where are the games? We've been talking about this for quite some time -- Justin Hall reported on the distinct lack of them at the Tokyo Game Show last year, and told a similar story from E3. Sure, we've talked about the N-Gage and Sony Ericsson's multiplayer platform testing, but we still haven't seen any significant, widespread launches.

What's it going to take to get this market segment going? Something like The Sims on N-Gage? But multiplayer support hasn't been mentioned for that title yet, and we're still waiting for the N-Gage Arena to support live multiplayer titles.

This is a segment that's been begging for applications for some time, and promises real revenues to developers who can come up with some compelling and cool games. So what's stopping them?