Christmas Gifts Condemn Old Handsets To Trash Heap
By Carlo Longino, Mon Jan 05 21:15:00 GMT 2004

Mobile phones were a popular Christmas gift in the UK this year, but hundreds of thousands of older, replaced models have simply been thrown away, with their toxic contents posing an environmental hazard.

A survey by retailer The Body Shop found that half its customers didn't know handsets could be recycled, and only 4 percent of the devices were actually recycled. The company estimates 750,000 handsets in the UK alone have been thrown away since Christmas, and has launched a recycling effort where consumers can drop off their old phones in any of its stores, with the GBP 2.75 proceeds from each device being donated to the domestic violence charity Refuge.

The Body Shop is working with recycling firm Greener Solutions, which also has a number of points in 3 other European countries where people can recycle their old devices, and US users can check out this earlier article for resources they can use.