Deflecting Cellular Radiation - Wonder Woman of Watches
By Eric Lin, Fri Aug 29 19:45:00 GMT 2003

A new brand of watches is gaining notoriety among a few stars and athletes, not just for its style, but for its claim that it protects wearers from radiation generated by mobile phones and other wireless devices.

Long before the dawn of the mobile phone, people have been worried about electro magnetic radiation and how it might effect them or their children. When the cell phone was finally small enough to fit in your pocket, a small panic erupted- and a host of prophylactic products emerged- cases that claimed to lower radiation, protective grilles to cover the speaker holes, and other contraptions.

Wired writes that Philip Stein has created a line of watches that use a microchip in conjunction with the watch's battery and coil which they claim produces a frequency that can block harmful electromagnetic radiation. I won't even begin to rant about unlikelyhood of these claims, but let's just say if the watch blocks "harmful" radiation from cell phones, how could you talk on the phone while wearing it? Wouldn't it cancel out the signal? Right.

Over time, long term studies have shown negligible effects of cellular radiation on humans, yet still some worry. Companies will always be able to sell products to a small population of people willing to pay for the belief that they are protected. Some of the testimonials for this new watch are from athletes, who claim it gives them a performance advantage. It seems unlikely it's any more of an advantage than a pair of lucky underwear.