Gartner Q3 Handset Sales Figures Reinforce Growth
By Carlo Longino, Mon Dec 08 18:45:00 GMT 2003

Like earlier figures, Gartner's numbers show a substantial leap in total sales figures, and the analyst firm says total sales figures could hit half a billion for the entire year thanks to an exceptionally strong second half of the year. Analyst Ben Wood tells Reuters the market is "on fire"...

The new numbers underline other analyst's figures that showed a greater than 20% increase in third-quarter sales over last year, also echoing market share losses for Nokia, which still dominates the overall market, and gains for Siemens, with Samsung and LG also gaining ground, at the expense of Sony Ericsson.

Wood says the market is being driven by emerging markets like India and Russia, as well as replacement cycles in Western Europe and North America. He says that the market overall is seeing "extraordinary" growth, with strong demand for both high-end models with color screens and cameras and low-end basic models, also adding that every region of the world saw at least 18% growth in the quarter.

Wood added that the market could sell 500 million devices this year, up from earlier estimates of 460 million. We told you last week about how handsets are selling unbelievably well in the run-up to Christmas, so that milestone looks acheivable, so long as component shortages don't hinder sales. It will be interesting to see how Q4's sales figures and market share will be affected by the problems some vendors are having getting parts.