Monthly Mobile Spending Up in UK
By Carlo Longino, Wed May 26 15:45:00 GMT 2004

A new study from the UK says people there are spending more each month on their mobile bills than on gas or electricity, and reveals sizable interest in camera and videophones.

Contract customers are spending an average of GBP 44 per month on their bill, with prepaid users shelling about about GBP 25 each month, a 14% increase over last year according to the new JD Power and Associates study.

Users with cameraphones spend even more, up to 44 pounds a month for prepay users and 54 pounds a month for those on contracts. And while there may not be a lot of interest in sending picture messages, 20 percent of users already have a cameraphone, while 26 percent are interested in owning one -- and nearly a quarter are interested in videophones, perhaps boding well for carriers' 3G hopes.

The author of the survey says their data doesn't tell them if people are sending many pictures, but they take an average of 20 pictures a month with the devices, but also tend to use other data services like ringtone downloads and reading news or sports information. Overall, nearly 10 percent of the spending is on services other than voice or text.