More Users Want Stylish, Feature-packed Phones
By Eric Lin, Thu Aug 05 23:30:00 GMT 2004

Nokia's small, feature-rich 6230 has proved to be more popular than the manufacturer thought, and is now missing from many European shops.

Although Motorola is the one that recently announced a deal with Apple, Nokia is following more closely in the company's footsteps. It has come to light that due to the overwhelming success of the 6230 cameraphone, Nokia does not have enough units to meet the demand. This is a mistake Apple is practically famous for, most recently underestimating demand for iPod mini at its launch and iMacs at the end of the current product cycle. Nokia claims that part of the problem is a short supply of components, which is reminiscent of Motorola's troubles when it continually delayed the release of its v600 flagship cameraphone.

The Nokia 6230 is a VGA cameraphone with a music player, radio and Bluetooth packed into a clean, stylish, small form factor. It clearly chases after the successful Sony Ericsson T610/T630 and the new K700 both in terms of design and features. Sony Ericsson has been very successful aiming at the mid-range market with clean-lined, feature-packed models. A model like the 6230 is exactly what Nokia needs to capture back some of those users, especially after last quarter's results.

Analysts and investors have added this short-fall as just one more item on the list of unfortunate announcements from Nokia recently. However the news isn't all bad. Many subscribers are actually back-ordering the phone instead of buying a competing model. As Apple has proven, people are willing to wait for a well designed, feature rich product. Although analysts continue to be skeptical, since one successful product does not signal a full turn-around, many other phones which Nokia has announced for release later this year show the same clean, elegant design as well as the depth of features seen in the 6230.