Sendo Has Coming Out Party for the X
By Eric Lin, Thu Nov 27 15:45:00 GMT 2003

Although Sendo has already released pictures and details of its first Series 60 handset, the X, the company held an official press launch yesterday in London. Sendo builds in a VGA camera including an LED flash, stereo sound, and a hefty 64 MB of RAM into their smartphone entry. Don't rush out to your local shop just yet though, the X won't hit the shelves until early 2004.

Sendo seems to be taking a bigger is better approach with the X, except when it comes to the actual size. Although the company's packed in some extra hardware, and even extended the screen by a dozen pixels for some always-present indicator icons, the X is the smallest Series 60 device to date. Infosync has an excellent hardware preview.

Sendo also adds some extra software as well. Unique to their Series 60 release is the Now screen, which bears a striking similarity to Microsoft's customizable Today screen. Sendo is currently suing Microsoft, and threatening to sue HTC and other MS Smartphone OEMs, over hardware developments.

Though Sendo isn't winning any reputation or popularity awards with its current feature phone line-up, the company announced plans to sell almost a million smartphones next year - err, 900,000. (Who picked that number?) The Inquirer picks a few nits about both the phone, and the possibility of Sendo actually meeting those sales projections. They worry about the cost (predicted at 500 Euro before subsidies) and the lack of brand recognition.

Competition from Nokia, the Siemens SX-1 and other Series 60 handsets due out next year promise to provide even more challenges for Sendo to conquer. It is, however, a handsome handset.