Sony Ericsson Continues To Thrive
By Carlo Longino, Mon Apr 19 17:30:00 GMT 2004

First-quarter earnings continue to roll in, with Sony Ericsson reporting a third consecutive quarterly profit on the back of strong sales of its cameraphones.

The joint venture made 82 million euros in the quarter, compared to a loss of 104 million a year ago. Sales were up 66 percent to 1.34 billion euros, and SE shipped 8.8 million phones, a 63 percent increase. Average selling prices dropped, however, to EUR 152, compared to EUR 180 in the previous quarter.

The company's T610, T630 and T230 handsets were very popular in the marketplace, and their success has solidified Sony Ericsson's strategy to focus on cameraphones. SE was quicker to market than Nokia with the devices, and coupled with its strength in mid-range models as well as its clamshell models allowed it to outpace the market leader.

A Sony Ericsson VP said the company's goal for the rest of the year was to grow more quickly than the overall market -- which remains strong -- and gain share.