Sony Ericsson Gets New President
By Carlo Longino, Tue Apr 27 21:30:00 GMT 2004

The device maker has named a Sony marketing exec as outgoing president Katsumi Ihara's replacement.

Sony Ericsson said Miles Flint, currently Sony Europe's president of marketing, will take over June 22. Ihara will be moving back to Sony, where he'll be group chief strategy officer, chief financial officer of Sony in Japan, and executive deputy vice president.

Ihara, who's been president since the joint venture was formed in 2001, led a turnaround that's seen the company report strong recent earnings after several quarters of losses. The company has delivered several successful handsets lately, its devices have shaken off a reputation for poor RF performance, and its designers have been in a rich run of form.

The appointment of a marketing exec to the top spot, rather than an engineer or financial type, would point that the company sees its turnaround as relatively complete. The challenge now is to grow its share, rather than get its products in line or finances in order -- something really quite different to the problems the company has faced during most of Ihara's reign.