The End Of Battery-Life Complaints
By Carlo Longino, Mon Nov 17 21:00:00 GMT 2003

Seiko Epson have refined a technology that recharges batteries "wirelessly" -- without direct contact with a plug or a charger. (Thanks, Gizmodo)

The company has improved an existing method and boosted the transmission rate -- the amount of energy received -- from 20% to 70%. The full article is in Japanese, so I've got no idea what happens to the other 30%, which is something I'd like to know before I'm letting it loose in my pocket.

In addition to the obvious application of enabling phones to recharge without a dedicated charger at a kiosk or recharge booth or something similar, it also looks like it could solve one of the most common Luddite complaints about phones -- insufficient battery life.

Forget P2P file sharing, this is P2P power sharing! Letting users' phones draw power from others around it (potentially, of course), would give handsets an essentially unlimited amount of juice. But to discourage leeching, users would have to allow their power to be shared to have access to others' -- and is that a tradeoff the talk-time-obsessed will be willing to make?