CES Continues: 1 Megapixel Cameraphone, V600 on AT&T, and Bluetooth Galore
By Eric Lin, Fri Jan 09 23:30:00 GMT 2004

With GSM World, CeBit and CTIA so close behind, CES has never been a major venue for phone announcements. However there's still more mobile news, and even Audiovox news than what first showed up yesterday.

Today's big news is an announcement from Audiovox of a 1 megapixel CDMA cameraphone destined for North America. According to Phone Scoop, the CDM-8910 packs the camera and flash, as well as dual color TFT displays into a reasonably small package. The handset is available with either Java or BREW, so it could appear on Sprint, Verizon or both.

While we wait for 1 MP models, VGA cameraphones are still the hot ticket item in the West. MobileMag have learned that Motorola will finally be rolling the stutter-start plaqued V600 on the AT&T Wireless network next month. Maybe they finally took care of their "camera supply" problems.

Motorola also announced a new Bluetooth gadget today as well. The HF800 is a portable Bluetooth speakerphone. It has controls and functionality similar to a Bluetooth headset- it can be paired with multiple phones, has controls to answer, hang up, mute, etc. It has a rechargeable battery with a decent 100 hour standby and 3 hours of talk on the one watt speakerphone. Hopefully Moto's noise reduction technology will make up for what sounds like an underpowered audio system.

In addition to the speakerphone, Phone Scoop reports on new Bluetooth headsets from GN Netcom and Logitech, while InfoSync found a new model from Plantronics, as well as word that the Jabra Freespeak 250 is finally shipping to US customers.