DoCoMo Launches Three New High Resolution Cameraphones
By Eric Lin, Thu Dec 11 23:00:00 GMT 2003

NTT DoCoMo announced three new handsets in their 505i series of high resolution camera phones. In addition to offering built in cameras with greater than one megapixel, each of these new phones adds additional features of the first generation in the series.

The SH505is is the most photo centric model. It has a 2 MP sensor and auto-focus. It also offers 25 step digital zoom, picture effects and continuous shooting. Models like this could easily start the rumors we've heard about Japanese buying new cameraphones- even without service, instead of buying digital cameras.

Sony Ericsson's SO505is is the multimedia handset in the family. It has video and audio playback built in, as well as a Flash player. The software requires you to use a PC or DVD player to rip audio or video directly onto a memory stick. 15 minutes of video fit on an 8 MB stick. The SO505is also features a 1.3 MP camera with digital zoom, a slide-over cover to protect the lens, and a neat little scroll wheel around the d-pad like on the early iPods.

NEC's N505is seems to be the weakest of the lot, but that's just because it's special features and multimedia oriented. In addition to a 1.3 MP camera, the NEC model offers split screen usage so you could, for example, view an i-mode page in one half while composing an email in the other. It also has a text to speech engine so it can read your email to you. Maybe these aren't flashy features, but they seem to improve the user experience, which would be novel in itself.