Making Smartphones Smaller
By Eric Lin, Tue Sep 23 21:15:00 GMT 2003

Soon smartphones won't need to take up valuable space with speakers, a subsidiary of NEC has developed a system to turn LCDs into flat-panel speakers.

The SoundVu uses a piezo-electric exciter to virbrate the front panel of an LCD screen, turning it into a speaker. Initially the product was developed for full size LCD monitors, however it has recently been shrunk to mobile-friendly dimensions by developer Authentic Ltd., a subsidiary of NEC. Mobiletracker discovered this report with a few details on the new version.

The new mobile friendly SoundVu can play produce a decent sound range for voice (300 - 3400 hz) at a loud volume. While it isn't exactly a set of Sennheisers, the developers are convinced that the SoundVu will produce higher fidelity sound than current phones. If it's of equal quality, but allows the to have larger screen in a smaller form factor, isn't that a good start?