No Hard Drives for Handys Yet?
By David Pescovitz, Thu Apr 29 10:45:00 GMT 2004

Analyst powerhouse IDC released a study Tuesday reporting that hard drives aren't a practical storage solution for mobile phones quite yet.

According to the report, hard drives are still too big, expensive, and power-hungry. In the near-term, flash memory will remain the storage solution for phones with MP3 or video capabilities.

"This will not change until HDD technology improves further and the price of such drives drops below $50, and arguably below $30," predicts IDC.

So I patiently await a next-generation Treo outfitted with with Toshiba's .85-inch, 4-gigabyte drive. Announced last month, the tiny device was certified by Guinness World Records as the smallest disk drive on the planet.

"Toshiba's innovation means that I could soon hold more information in my watch than I could on my desktop computer just a few years ago," David Hawksett, the science and tech editor at Guinness, told Reuters.